The leather used in our gloves and protective gears are all quality cow-hide, thin but tough enough to allow maximum flexibility and yet it does not tear during the rigor of a workout.

All leather is flawless and dyed to our unique standard colors. Similarly, all EVA and Latex foams have the correct density balance the hardness and rebound of each layer to avoid having too soft or too hard to protect user body.

Each equipment serves different purpose, therefore the level of pressure received during use varies too. All materials used are professionally selected and tested for its specific functions providing maximum protection and high performance to the user. Gloves and kick pads are given detailed attention to the protection of knuckles and wrists as much as comfort and freedom. This is testified from many fighters claiming they are not restricted to execute fine techniques.

Mrs. Maturos Hutasevi, the elegant and most diligent General Manager of our company is an expert in garment design and manufacture. She is the brains behind the innovation of using “silver skin” and “gold skin”, as well as Thai Silk in our product. Our company is the very first to produce this design which today has been imitated by many other manufacturers.

Our equipment has passed the approval of countless sport scientist, fighters, camps/gyms that give us a trust to use our Raja Boxing equipment only in every fight for a long time, as well as the Governing Body of Boxing/Muaythai in Thailand. So that’s why  we pride our works with originality, supreme quality, and class.

Our training and fighting equipment are widely used in Thailand and many countries around the globe. We give priority to our costumers’ safety and satisfaction. Muaythai is treasured and deeply respected in our system, as we want everyone to understand and value the importance of this as a martial art, culture and tradition, sport, and profession.

It’s our pride if you put your hand in a glove which Raja Boxing patch on it and tell us what you feel.